The Solitary Company

Don Nigro


For a family at the edge of their nerves, a grizzly drive home turns into a nightmare as an accident lights the final spark for a whole family melt down. But what happened during the accident? Or maybe more interesting, what happened before or after? And who is the real victim? The only thing one can be sure of is that someone is lying - if lying is even the correct term...

Priscilla, 29 years old and second wife of Hawkins, 39, desperately tries to get any truth out of her sister Mary who almost completely refuses to speak. Only Lisa, 19 year old daughter of Hawkins, is able to lighten Mary's mind - and happily rubs it in Priscilla's nose. Still, the pending questions are yet to be solved: what happened in the car? What happened in the study? Who is lying? And, is anybody telling the truth?

Director Tatiana Kutz
Priscilla Julia Fink
Hawkins Nils Kuphal
Mary Sonja Kellermann
Lisa Julia Glock

Rupert Holmes


"Sex?! Good Lord, Janet, we're married!"

England in the 1970s: a sofa, a piano, a blanket. Gin, Scotch and diet Schweppes. Janet and Derek live a decent English upper class life. The only problem is: they don't live it together anymore. Derek's colleague and best friend John seems to be a lot more interesting to Janet, than her husband. And why not try Johns wife Melinda... after all, it's the 70s for gods sake!

But as things go their natural way of betrayal and deception, suddenly there's a monumental issue that must be immediately solved and that affects the performances of each one of the four.

Special Thanks to Matthias Metten!

Director Tatiana Kutz
Janet Julia Fink
Derek Nils Kuphal
John Tilman Floehr
Melinda Julia Glock

David Lindsay-Abaire

Rabbit Hole

Sometimes mere seconds can change our way of life forever. For Becca and Howie Corbett, a chain of unfortunate events cost them a harrowing price. Now they must navigate through the perils of grief, hoping their individualistic ways don't cut the ties that bond them together. However, they are not the only ones in mourning and those that sorround the couple also suffer tremendously under additional weights.

Pulitzer Prize winning "Rabbit Hole" by David Lindsay-Abaire takes us into the depths of humanity, showing the mechanisms with which we cope: depression, humor, and always intensely honest.

Director Tatiana Kutz
Becca Julia Glock
Howie Nils Kuphal
Izzy Sonja Kellermann
Nat Julia Fink
Jason Tilman Floehr

Edward Albee

Who's afraid of

Virginia Woolf

Martha, ageing daughter of the president of the local university, spontaneously invites a newly arrived couple, Nick and Honey, to stop by her house after a welcoming party. Her husband George, a history professor and passionate cynic, is not amused about the visit of the young and successful couple. The troubled relationship between George and Martha, along with excessive consumption of hard liquors, ultimately leads to a war between the two, in which they abuse the guests for their power games.

Edward Albee's world-renowned play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" pulls you into a very special conflict area. In November 2013 The café & bar zuhause became the living room of George and Martha, in which they acted out the highs and lows of a marriage shaped by discontent, hate, and strangely enough, love.

Director Julia Glock
George Nils Kuphal
Martha Julia Fink
Nick Tilman Floehr
Honey Sonja Kellermann

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