The Solitary Company

The Solitary Company presents: «Annapurna» by Sharr White

Ever since they left, Emma desperately tries to keep her ex-husband Ulysses out of her and their son's lives. Now, since their son found out a long hidden secret, Emma must reluctantly track Ulysses down. Ulysses, a brilliant but resigned poet who gave up on life long ago, reels from Emma's surprising return.

Ferociously damaged by it, he tries to discover why Emma left him, but in order to do so both must relive the best and worst moments of their lives.

«Annapurna» is written by Sharr White and premiered in April, 2014, starring Meghan Mullally and Nick Offerman. The Solitary Company will perform on May 16th, 17th, and – attention - 19th at the Café&Bar Zuhause in Aachen.

The Solitary Company is a group of friends who love to play theater.

In fall 2013, we decided to bring "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf" to life - rehearsing for a full year before successfully debuting in November 2014 at the Café&Bar Zuhause in Aachen. After celebrating four amazing performances, the after-stage-blues hit hard - and The Solitary Company was officially founded.

Bis bald!

Julia, Sonja, Tatiana, Julia, Nils und Tilman
The Solitary Company

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