The Solitary Company

The Solitary Company is a group of friends who love to play theater.

In fall 2013, we decided to bring "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf" to life - rehearsing for a full year before successfully debuting in November 2014 at the Café&Bar Zuhause in Aachen. After celebrating four amazing performances, the after-stage-blues hit hard - and The Solitary Company was officially founded.

Browse through our gallery to experience all of our plays once again!

We are currently either
- Looking for a new play
- Lying on the beach
- Slowing down from another deniere
- Live at rehearsals for the coming play
- Watching any of the Batman movies

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Bis bald!

Julia, Sonja, Tatiana, Julia, Nils und Tilman
The Solitary Company

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