The Solitary Company

Don Nigro


For a family at the edge of their nerves, a grizzly drive home turns into a nightmare as an accident lights the final spark for a whole family melt down. But what happened during the accident? Or maybe more interesting, what happened before or after? And who is the real victim? The only thing one can be sure of is that someone is lying - if lying is even the correct term...

Priscilla, 29 years old and second wife of Hawkins, 39, desperately tries to get any truth out of her sister Mary who almost completely refuses to speak. Only Lisa, 19 year old daughter of Hawkins, is able to lighten Mary's mind - and happily rubs it in Priscilla's nose. Still, the pending questions are yet to be solved: what happened in the car? What happened in the study? Who is lying? And, is anybody telling the truth?

"A tapestry of lies and betrayal that will keep you asking questions about how we can ever trust other people, or to be certain of anything." - Publishers website

The Solitary Company will be performing the drama "Nightingale" on February 16-18th, 2017 at the Café& Bar Zuhause in Aachen.

For tickets, please click here.

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