The Solitary Company

How did they find each other ?

We got to know each other in a larger theater group, but always had one dream in common: performing ambitious plays with a small company. So establishing out own group was easily decided upon.

And why these people in particular?

In our ensemble, our priority, apart from the necessity of talent, is to inspire each other and grow trust between us, in order to guarantee a relaxed atmosphere during rehearsals and on stage.

Why does the group perform in English?

Something that connects us is our love for English literature. Translations usually don't have the same congeniality as the originals, and because of our backgrounds, we all feel quite at home in the English language.

How will it go on after your first play?

That's yet to be decided. There are some ideas how to continue, but nothing has been confirmed. But, we can assure you that it will go on!

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